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GoKnown Announces “Killer App” DataPipeline-as-a-Service

Greenwich, Conn., March 6, 2020

Affordable, ready-to-go cloud offering that delivers superior architecture and security through an all-in-one solution, DataPipeline-as-a-Service, DPaaS

GoKnown, LLC, provider of KNOWN™, the most advanced, secure and efficient next-generation distributed ledger (DL) platform, announces its DataPipeline-as-a-Service, DPaaS.

The KNOWN DL with its unique end-to-end encryption is the most secure, automated, scalable, cost and energy efficient distributed ledger. The KNOWN DL ensures data ownership, control and permissioned access to data, while maintaining data security and transaction integrity, anywhere, on any device, all the time.

“Our DataPipeline-as-a-Service is powered by the KNOWN DL to ensure data security and accessibility. By not disrupting the customer’s existing software or intellectual property, our DPaaS enhances business agility and accelerates operational efficiencies,” said Connie Erlanger, Chief Executive Officer of GoKnown. “DPaaS allows companies to have a single solution that moves data, regardless the format or technology, from any number of sources to their destinations through our secure, encrypted, and immutable distributed ledger platform.”

“The data platform market is expected to grow to $140.9 USD billion by 2024. DPaaS is an important component of that market,” said Michael Harold, Co-Founder and CTO of GoKnown. “Key growth factors include the increasing demand by enterprises for easy to use methods to extract in-depth insights from voluminous big data in order to gain a competitive advantage, driving growth through analytics and machine learning. This is our sweet spot: GoKnown’s unique combination of technology and extensive practical experience with data pipelines, AI, ML and analytics puts us in a unique position to help enterprises achieve their data-intensive business strategies.”

What is a Data Pipeline?
A data pipeline enables the automated flow of data and of all the processes involved for data analysis and visualization. A data pipeline views all data as streaming data, ranging from single to multiple data streams at once. It facilitates speed and mitigation of bottlenecks and latency, and allows for flexible schemas. Regardless of whether it comes from static or from real-time sources, the data pipeline divides each data stream into smaller chunks that it processes in parallel.

Our Data Pipeline is a necessity for every data-driven enterprise.

Media Contact:
Chet Gladkowski, Customer Development

Investor Contact:
Connie Erlanger, CEO