Michael Erlanger

Co-Founder and Director of GoKnown

Michael’s career began on Wall Street where, for 30 years he was a top-ranked revenue producer in capital markets. Twenty-five years ago, he co-founded and operated the first of two successful broker dealers. In 1999 he co-founded the company that subsequently merged to form GoKnown. Michael has been a director of GoKnown for one year. He has been awarded nine patents that were repeatedly licensed commercially by global interests. Michael’s inventions include: two kinds of digital currencies; the Living Contract; a method for continuous revaluation of contracts; continuous revaluation of pooled securities; and, a data processing system using incentives for disclosure of risks among participants in transactions. His patented system designs have been cited as essential to creating new ecosystems that lay the foundation for the future of finance and insurance. His innovations have been written about by experts and organizations worldwide, including the National Association of Insurance Commissioners; and the Library of Congress’ Congressional Research Service. Numerous prestigious publications, such as Institutional Investor and the Financial Times have referred to his work as a “precursor to blockchain.” His work has been used in the accreditation process for insurance regulators; and, has been cited numerous times as prior art in the patent filings of both the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., and the Federal National Mortgage Association. He is a graduate of Columbia University.


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