Ramesh Venkataramiah, Ph.D.

EVP of Data Products and Services

Ramesh is a technology leader with an abundance of experience in data science, ML, and AI systems. Prior to GoKnown, Ramesh worked for FedEx where he designed and implemented the first real time, Internet-based integration between SAP ERP and FedEx’s global logistics network. He also worked at Cloudera where he implemented big data solutions for Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure platforms. Ramesh has a background in fast prototyping and developing/deploying data products with a specific emphasis on ML models, encryption, and privacy. Additionally he is proficient in operational analytics and has experience in building, evaluating, customizing, and implementing solutions for data analysis using Hadoop/Spark, R, and Hbase with time-series (TSDB) and textual analysis (NLP) datasets. Ramesh holds a PhD from the Texas A&M University in Electrical Engineering.


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