The next chapter in
distributed ledger innovation.

The first of its kind:

Quantum secure, Scalable, Sustainable, Decentralized, Distributed Ledger technology for General Purpose Computing.


Anyone, anywhere with their smartphone or computer can launch their own permissioned DL and build dApps in minutes, not months.

Seize Competitive Advantage


Designed for 5G Edge computing

Designed for AI pipelining

A path forward for legacy systems

Enables users to manage and monetize data

Near zero transaction costs

Built for transaction volume and velocity

Upload any type and size of data
Instant tokenization of all data
Resolves limitations of cost, scalability, complexity

Support for structured and unstructured data

Increase data value

Integrates vertical and horizontal markets

Lower implementation costs

Lower operating costs

Ensures privacy
and security

Quantum security

System-wide encryption

Owner permissioned data access and use

Real time transaction processing

Time-sequenced transactions

The global distributed ledger market is expected to
increase from $3 Billion in 2020 to $23 Billion in 2023.

— Statistica

Prepare for your future.

By 2027 10% of global GDP will be on blockchain/distributed ledger, creating $3Trillion in new commercial value. (World Economic Forum)

88% of boards regard cybersecurity as a business risk rather than solely a technical IT problem. 

— Gartner

KNOWN™ Has Applications as Numerous and Diverse as its Users

Website Development

Content Management Systems

Content Delivery Networks

Education/Learning Management Systems

Self-Sovereign Identity Management Systems

Digital Asset Management Systems

Workforce Collaboration Systems

Experienced Leadership with Track Record of Success

Pioneers and leaders in database technology, distributed computing, cloud technology, last mile computing, mobile computing, logistics and risk management.

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