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Experienced leadership with
a track record of success

  • The Company emerges from the groundbreaking merger of two pioneering entities:, founded by visionaries Michael and Connie Erlanger, and RubixIO, established by the visionary innovator Michael (“Mike”) Harold. LEARN MORE >
    At Marketcore, Michael and Connie revolutionized the industry by developing and patenting cutting-edge data processing systems. Their innovations enabled sophisticated identification, tracking, and analysis of contract data, seamless communication between counterparties, enhanced price discovery, real-time transaction facilitation, and the generation of powerful analytics. Marketcore’s pioneering efforts earned recognition from prestigious institutions such as the U.S. Library of Congress Congressional Research Service, the NAIC Center for Insurance Policy and Research, and were hailed in the Financial Times as a foundational precursor to blockchain technology. Simultaneously, Mike Harold was breaking new ground with his insights into decentralized computing, data ownership, and transparency. Mike led the design and implementation of the FedEx logistics system, the first near-real-time global electronic trading network that integrated the global supply chain from source to consumer. His innovative technologies are ubiquitous in global commerce, such as: Data compression, encryption, and arbitrary precision arithmetic Mobile Media Casting (smartphones, Smart TVs, streaming devices like Roku, Fire stick) Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Last-mile (Edge) Computing Business Process Management (BPM) Decentralized Database Computing Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) Cloud Storage Gateways Distributed Ledger Computing Joining GoKnown, Bill Hartnett serves as the Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, bringing with him a legacy of establishing and building Microsoft’s financial services practice into a multibillion-dollar powerhouse over 18 years, as well as his leadership in Strategy and Innovation at ACORD. Ramesh Venkataramaiah, the Chief Scientist and Product Officer, collaborates with Mike Harold in advancing GoKnown’s technological frontier. A co-inventor of the decentralized cloud database in 2002, Ramesh stands as a leading expert in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Recognizing the critical need for secure data in space, GoKnown completed the Space Foundation’s Space Commerce incubator in 2023, partnering with the Space Dock LEVL5 Alan B. Levan NSU Broward. As a member of the World Innovation Network and an affiliate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, GoKnown is at the forefront of innovation, shaping the future of secure data and decentralized technology.

Meet the team

Connie Erlanger

Co-Founder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur

Financial services background in capital markets, FX, and
commercial real estate

Michael Harold

Co-Founder and CTO

Architect of FedEx Global Logistics Virtual Enterprise Architecture

Co-inventor decentralized cloud database in 2002 Inventor of mobile media casting and numerous other computer technologies

Chief Scientist and Chief Product Officer

Pioneer in Enterprise Application Integration at FedEx Co-inventor of decentralized cloud database in 2002 with Michael Harold Expert in Cloud computing, Big Data, ML and AI

Bill Hartnett

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

Built and led Microsoft
financial services

Head of Strategy and Innovation


Michael Erlanger

Founder, CEO,, Inc. Inventor of patented inventions incorporated in GoKnown technology.  Previously: IPEX llc, Daiwa Securities, EF Hutton, Cantor Fitzgerald


Ed Bohlke

CEO, Radical Results Executive Coaching. Previously: Chicago Research & Trading, Republic National Bank, Jumpstart Wireless


Kelli Kedis Ogborn

Vice President – Space Commerce and Entrepreneurship,
The Space Foundation. Previously: DARPA. HS Dracones LLP, Advanced Rockets Corp

Co-Founders & Advisors


Partner with us to create a KNOWN® solution for you

Make your data KNOWN®
Timing is everything

Dr. Chuck Gardner


Senior Advisor, Cyber Innovation Center. Workforce development in higher education, industry, and technical skills training.

Chand Sooran


Founder & CEO, EdgeworthBox. Previously: Lehman Brothers, Columbus Hill Capital Management, CQS Management, Point Frederick Capital Management.

Dr. David M. Rowe

Advisor, Investor

President, David M. Rowe Risk Advisory. Previously: SunGard, Bank of America, Security Pacific Securities. Townsend Greenspan

Ilene Tanen

Advisor, Investor

President, Tanen Directed Advertising, Inc.

Peter Glicklich

Advisor, Investor

Managing Partner, Davies LLP

Jonathan Ip


Founder, Iterative Law LLP 

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